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Product Features and Specification

  • It is a basic oven suitable for the production of multiple products, which can bake Bread, Cookies, and Cake etc.
  • Exact temperature in the oven is maintained by the PCB and Digital Thermostat of the Microprocessor Proportional Control Type.
  • Uniformity of product color is realized according to the even heat distribution with special heater arrangement method.
  • Electric leakage and temperature overheat are prevented with the equipment of safety system.
  • Moving installation is easy with separable type of each shelf, and the appearance is stylish and hygienic with stainless finishing of 3 faces.
  • Storage of apparatus, equipment etc. is easy as articles box is installed at the bottom.
  • Enough amount of steam is generated if steam system is selected.
Division/Model No.
Digital Type
Analogue Type
TRAY Seating
2Sheets X 3Stages = 6 Sheets
3Sheets X 3Stages = 9 Sheets
4Sheets X 3Stages = 12 Sheets
TRAY Size: 400*600mm
Capacity Outer Size(mm)
1,275 x 905 x 1,850
1,655 x 905 x 1,850
1,655 x 1,105 x 1,850
A Type: 600 x 400 Type
W x D x H
1,275 x 1,505 x 1,850
B Type: 400 x 600 Type
Voltage and Power
380X220V 3P/12.6KW
380X220V 3P/18KW
380X220V 3P/22.5KW


Selective Specification
If 1~3 stages are selected, steam system is equipped.
Price adjustment by number
If 1~3 stages are selected, marbles are equipped at internal bottom and 3 faces
Price adjustment by number of sheets and stages
In case of product of size change by purchasing number of each stage and number of stages, custom manufacturing is available.